Facts Today are Like Small Town Rumours

Get The Right Facts!

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Vaporizers & E-Juice

Our knowledge and experience is the key to our service. Without it, we would just be like every other vape shop.

Novelty Candy

From the United Kingdom across the seas or from the United States of America across the border. If they have good candy, so do we!

420 Products

Whether you self medicate or are enjoying the new benefits of being a Canadian Citizen, we have different consumption tools for different consumers.

Our Pride

Small Town
Huge Service

Our staff has a lot of small town pride, we won’t give you the standard greeting. From Vaporizers to Novelty Candy, we have the Small Town Huge Service.

Our story

We Began in 0000

It all started in a small town of Alberta named Westlock. We have received a lot of support from the community in aiding smokers to reach their goal. Together we have prevented countless smoking related injuries and associated deaths. Since day one, we have had to fight the media outlets by shining light on the real facts of vaping, and thankfully have had a lot of support from the organization VAEPWorld!

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